For Earth Day, the girls and I have been doing a few activities to mark the day and make a difference, no matter how small it may seem:

We went to the recycling centre with a jam-packed car full of cardboard, paper, glass etc. In fact I still need to go back next week with more!

We missed Earth Hour this year, so have decided to do one tonight at 7pm.

I read up on some facts online and one that really shocked me was that it takes 15 400 litres of beef to make 1 kilogram of beef. And so have decided with renewed energy to make Meatless Mondays not only apply to our dinner but throughout the day.

And for a little bit of fun we made this Earth Chocolate Pots. You can make the from scratch but for a quick version you can buy Chantilly Chocolate Pots from Migros, Pre-made Chocolate Brownies to crumple and sprinkle on top and then pop in a sprig of Basil (Migros was out of mint). YUM!