We know your Dad is your hero, so to celebrate this Father’s Day (17 June) why not gift him a Swiss Army Knife full of all the things he loves.

Print out the free printable and cut out the multiple pieces. Punch a hole in the left hand side of all the cut outs and thread through a gold stud clip with the red cover on top. On the backside you can write your message and turn each one into a coupon where you add a message of some sort of task your Dad can cash in. For example: This card entitles you to a movie of your choice, a chocolate of your choice etc.

You could also simply use the Swiss Army knife as a card, and print out our coupon sheet and as a final touch print out the paper wrapper for a bar of chocolate and the placemat – perfect to line a tray for serving your Dad breakfast in bed.

Download the free printables here.