For the past ten years, I have been styling for magazines and blogs and for the past two years doing the photography too. This year without really realising it I have been indirectly helping out with “real life” events – doing the event production and styling including the set up and take down. I did a little tally for the year and it has been around 8 or so events (excluding all my own private ones) and so who knows going forward time permitting I may take on some more. The problem always being that most events are on the weekends and this seriously cuts into family time what with Liam travelling a lot for work and the girls having long school days and lots of homework – so weekends have become a bit sacred. But maybe I will set a goal for next year to do one or two a month.

This week, I had great fun doing a set up for a Charity Photo Shoot for Mary Fernandez Photography and Danish Design Kids. The idea was a little makeshift Candy Cane Stand Photo Booth and the kids and families could have their Christmas photos taken on this little set. It was great fun setting up and who knows maybe I get to do something a bit more elaborate next year!

I will be sure to share the professional photos of the girls behind the Candy Cane counter but their time slot is only next week, so as soon as I have them I will share. Also, if you are keen Mary still has some mini photo shoot slots left so you can sign up!