Have you heard about Party Pieces new bright and colourful collection? The Party Animals theme is perfect for a celebration where the kids get to run wild! We are loving the bright turquoise background featuring a zebra, giraffe, tiger and monkey along with confetti, party hats and balloons.  What’s more, we love planning a party where your party supplies get to work double time – here are 8 ways where your goodies get to be reused and repurposed.


Make sure all your guests are dressed to impress with the fun Party Pieces Jungle Animal paper masks – by popping a zebra, tiger, giraffe or monkey mask in an envelope with the party details on the back. Guests can then arrive dressed as their favourite jungle animal and are ready for the rumble!


Make your own trending balloon garland by blowing up brightly coloured balloons of all varying sizes – no helium required. Tie these together with clear fishing line, the more haphazard the better. String over the party table or your doorway to welcome guests in. This then also works so well as a photo booth backdrop and for the ultimate jungle party, you will want to add in a few of the exciting Party Pieces foil animal balloons. Imagine zebras, tigers and toucans peeking out from the big bunches and they make ideal party favours too.


If you are planning a birthday celebration you will definitely want to say happy birthday with a burst of colour and fun with the Party Pieces Party Animals paper garland. It features cheeky monkeys and toucan illustrations with vibrant and colourful lettering. Simply hang this garland against your feature wall or above a doorway for the ultimate impact. We always like to display this on the birthday girl/boys bedroom door before and after the party, after all, who doesn’t love a birthday week/month.


Create a colourful centrepiece on the party table with potted plants with fuchsia pink, sunny yellow and royal blue flowers – instead of cut flowers. Afterwards, plant the flowers in your garden to enjoy long after the party. And if you are really into repurposing opt for edible flowers or herbs, think pansies or basil.


Paper straws are not just for drinking, how about creating some mini decorative flags? Stick paper triangles to paper straws with glue and add gold spray painted animal figurines to the top. Pop these into table centrepieces or use as cupcake or cake toppers. Or these Jungle Pencils with toppers or Photo Booth Props do just the trick as well!



Nothing says it’s a party like a party hat  – first, add these bright and colourful paper party hats to full up your table setting and when it’s time to sing Happy Birthday each of your guests can wear a different coloured headpiece. Each cone party hat features a fun and contrasting bobble on top and comes with elastic for easy wearing. We even trimmed a few to make mini ones to top the water bottles! On a side note, party hats also make great paper cones to serve up chips or popcorn.



To decorate the party table we added in some animal figurines, not only do they look super cute but during the party play a quick quiz by having guests “name the baby animal” of each one using the Jungle Magic slates instead of paper and pens. Later on, hide the animal figurines for a scavenger hunt and at the end of the party give them away as prizes or party favours or add to your child’s toy collection as a birthday gift. P.S. I love using the animals as present toppers for kids’ birthday gifts instead of bows and the slates instead of cards.


The luxury Party Pieces Party Animal paper bags feature fun illustrations of jungle animals on a turquoise background and yellow handles. Instead of handing out these treat bags at the end of the day – use them as mini packs for a scavenger hunt – that way your ttake-home treats (Jungle animal toys, tattoos, stickers, stationery, puzzles, sweeties) serve as gaming fun too. Or check out these Jungle Party boxes that little ones get to colour in at the party.

P.S. this party collection totally lends itself to different party themes, so don’t worry about having leftover party supplies – the goodies are well suited to a jungle, zoo or circus theme; and equally girls or boys of varying ages.